Support the Theatre

Whether you want to help preserve a historic piece of Downtown Oroville architecture, volunteer on a stage production, or just see a show with your friends and family, there are many reasons and many ways to support the State Theatre.

The theatre is owned and operated by the State Theatre Arts Guild (STAGE), a registered 501c3 nonprofit. It is STAGE’s vision to ensure the success of the Theatre, to bring it back to its purpose and potential as the “Jewel of the Historic Downtown District” and to spark a revival of economic prosperity for the Theatre, the business community, and the City of Oroville as a whole. In order to achieve this, STAGE depends on its members and volunteers.

STAGE Membership

STAGE currently has over 1,000 active members whose dues are essential to covering operating costs. With an annual membership starting at only $25 for individuals or $50 for the whole family, it’s easy to become a member of STAGE and be part of the “Miracle on Myers Street”. Visit our member portal to learn more about the benefits of STAGE membership and to join today!


There’s something magical about participating in a successful stage production. The quiet hum of a packed audience anticipating the curtain pull, the excitement and nervousness of the cast and performers as they prepare to go on, and the enormity and complexity of a working theatre all make for an exhilarating and rewarding experience. The State Theatre is operated by an all-volunteer group of individuals who graciously donate their time and talents to carry out the wide array of tasks necessary for the successful operation of a theatre and movie palace.

If you’ve ever been interested or have experience in the theatre and are looking to get involved again, STAGE and the State Theatre would love to have you! You can learn more about volunteering and fill out the volunteer application here.

Donations & Other Ways to Give

For repair and renovation costs we look to local individuals and benefactors for their generous donations. As STAGE and the community step up to take on this challenge, we need financial help not only from individuals, but businesses, community development foundations, and grants. We call this project the “Miracle on Myers Street” and urge you to become involved.