STAGE & the Theatre’s Mission

While the details of the roles that the State Theatre Arts Guild, or STAGE, has played over the years in managing and operating the State Theatre have grown and changed, the mission of STAGE has always been foremost to protect and preserve the historic monument and cultural icon that is the State Theatre.

Originally formed in the 1970s to establish a performing arts center in Oroville, the group that would eventually become STAGE raised donations from the community that were used to help the city acquire the State Theatre from United Artists, thereby cementing their role as custodians and protectors of this architectural treasure. The city first transferred full management responsibilities to STAGE in 2014, and finally complete ownership of the building in 2021.

The Mission of the State Theatre Arts Guild is to establish, sustain and protect the Historic Oroville State Theatre as the City’s Performing Arts Center. With this publication of amended constitution, STAGE adopts the obligation to operate and manage the Historic Oroville State Theatre; raise funds to conduct renovation, restorations, repairs and upgrades to the facility; enlist volunteers to provide a work force wherever possible and generally promote the image and role of the theatre within the community.

Official Mission Statement of the State Theatre Arts Guild

STAGE now operates as an all-volunteer, membership-based organization committed to realizing what they lovingly refer to as the Miracle on Myers Street. Membership fees are critical to covering out of pocket expenses such as light bulbs, microphones, cables and ties, cleaning, bathroom supplies, etc, while a team of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly to open the doors, greet the patrons, collect tickets, operate the sound, lights and rigging, and clean and maintain the Theatre.

Volunteers publish a newsletter informing the Membership of the latest happenings on all fronts.

Financial plans, reporting, bookkeeping and cash handling is handled by yet another volunteer group of experienced individuals who keep everything under control.

Volunteers conduct activities that raise funds which are channeled 100% into the capital improvement requirements at the Theatre.

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Without dedicated membership and volunteers, STAGE’s mission wouldn’t be possible. Learn how you can help support the State Theatre today!