STAGE & the Theatre’s Mission

While the details of the roles that the State Theatre Arts Guild, or STAGE, has played over the years in managing and operating the State Theatre have grown and changed, the mission of STAGE has always been foremost to protect and preserve the historic monument and cultural icon that is the Oroville State Theatre.

Originally formed in the 1970s to establish a performing arts center in Oroville, the group that would eventually become STAGE raised donations from the community that were used to help the city acquire the State Theatre from United Artists, thereby cementing their role as custodians and protectors of this architectural treasure. The city first transferred full management responsibilities to STAGE in 2014, and finally completed ownership of the building in 2021.

The Mission of the State Theatre Arts Guild is to sustain and protect the Historic Oroville State Theatre in order to provide a superior performing arts center for the Greater Oroville area. The organization will enrich, educate, and empower the next generation of theatre conservationists and provide a venue for creative community involvement.

Official Mission Statement of the State Theatre Arts Guild


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