Vision for the Future

Restoration Progress and Roadmap

STAGE’s vision has always been to restore the State Theatre to its original glory and make it a shining jewel and centerpiece of Downtown Oroville. While the overall roadmap is extensive with a long way to go, the amount of improvements and restoration STAGE has already accomplished is impressive:

  • Numerous repairs and upgrades to building infrastructure
  • Structural repairs and improvements
  • New Roof and New Solar
  • Restoration of Theatre Lobby
  • Blade Sign and Marquee restoration to match the original bringing new color, vibrance, and light to Downtown
  • Restoration and preservation of Original Murals and artwork
  • Upgrades to restroom facilities and dressing rooms
  • Chandelier restoration
  • Design of reproduction art deco lighting to match the original
  • Installation and restoration of a fully functional Wurlitzer Theatre Organ as per the original planned specs for the Movie Palace

Master Plan

STAGE has been working with architectural and engineering professionals to review conditions of the building, consolidate and review existing renovation and restoration plans, and to create a building information model that can be used as an official reference and foundation for future projects. In addition to the building model, STAGE is also working to develop a ranked project list, identify project dependencies and prerequisites, and to begin to estimate future project costs. These key components, combined with an analysis of code and accessibility standards, are what make up the STAGE Master Plan for the State Theatre.

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